Bongolo hospital

I am an American pediatrician at a mission hospital that serves a rural population in Gabon, Africa and I purchased around 10 of your wooden incubators about 15 years ago, as none of the fancy, donated incubators from the States worked for more than a few months and were impossible to repair here in Gabon. Your incubators at our hospital have been used to care for almost 700 premature infants over that amount of time and 83% survived and did well. Most of the incubators still function, but they are starting to wear out and I'd like to order some more. 

Would you please tell me if they are still available, how much they currently cost, how I would go about placing an order, method of payment (US credit card or bank transfer) and method of delivery to Libreville, Gabon. Would you please give me an estimate for the cost of 8 incubators and the shipping costs.

I thought you might enjoy a recent picture of three of your incubators in use at our hospital.


Dr. Deborah Walker

Bongolo Hospital

Gabon, Africa