Cheap and sustainable incubators

In use in developing countries, where they provide a reliable solution in caring for premature babies

couveuse-228895-kopieHEBI Incubator

The first incubator was built in Uganda in 1968 by Dr. Oscar Van Hemel; there are now more than 1400 specially adapted incubators - known as Van Hemel Incubator (HEBI)- in almost all developing countries. About 25 new incubators are supplied each year. In 2010 we supplied 100 incubators. 

The basic model comes as a construction kit, packed in a box of around 30 kg. Its operation is simple and extremely reliable. Some of the oldest incubators are still operational – having worked for 30 years or more without any serious maintenance. They were developed by Dr Van Hemel of The Netherlands, while serving in Uganda. They are manufactured with aid from many sponsors and can be offered for as little as 325 euro.